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Kool Pak Canada Earns NAOSH Week General Trucking Award
NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) Week was held in May across Canada and the entire Kool Pak Canada team actively participated in safety and health events throughout the week. In recognition of their stellar safety and education initiatives, we were notified of receiving the General Trucking Award from the NAOSH Week Steering Committee-BC on August 13th.

Congratulations to Kavita and Polar Express / Kool Pak Canada’s Health & Safety committee for their contributions to the health and safety of our staff and company!

Activities during NAOSH Week included healthy eating each day, exercises including walking (a 6000 step day challenge) and yoga stretches, cleaning work areas and trucks - both inside and out. ICBC gave presentations about distracted driving, fatigue glasses and the dangers of texting and driving.

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At the end of the week in May, certificates and prizes were given to the drivers and employees in these categories: 1. Best Clean Truck 2. Best Trip Inspection 3. Best Vehicle Backing 4. Best e-logbook 5. Walking over 6000 steps

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Safety Driven - Trucking Safety Council of BC presented information about PPE, Overexertion, Reduce the Risk of Workplace injury and Commercial Motor Vehicle Chain Configurations. They also had Impairment glasses station set up for the company employees.

An instructor from Valley Driving School was again invited for driver training.

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We are proud to be active supporters of Safety and Health Week!

Safe Driver: 3 Point Contact

Safe Driver: 3 Point Contact

Another Safe Driver using 3 Point Contact

Another Safe Driver using 3 Point Contact

Eating healthy in honor of NAOSH Health & Safety week

Eating healthy in honor of NAOSH Health & Safety week

Congratulations to all of our COR Certified Owner Operators

Congratulations to all of our COR Certified Owner Operators

COR Award - Certified Owner-Operator working for Polar Express

COR Certified Owner Operator 2018

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COR Certified Owner Operator 2018


We celebrate Safety Day every year in September. We invite our Health & Safety mentor company who provides our team with safety demonstrations. Safety games are played and prizes are awarded to various staff. The event ends with a group lunch.


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Safety Demonstration